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The Ohio Attorney General’s Advisory Group on Law Enforcement Vehicular Pursuits

Troubled by the deaths that have resulted from law enforcement vehicle pursuits, Ohio Attorney General  formed an advisory group in May 2016 to examine the issue and create a model pursuit policy to help guide agencies throughout the state.

Thirteen people representing law enforcement, local government, and the public gathered to form the Attorney General’s Advisory Group on Law Enforcement Vehicular Pursuits, with Canton Public Safety Director Andrea Perry serving as chairwoman. The group reviewed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, consulted the Ohio Revised Code, considered civil liability, examined pursuit policies from Ohio’s law enforcement agencies, and discussed the details of pursuit dynamics.

The group talked about the dangers inherent in vehicle pursuits and the fact that officers and supervisors must weigh the immediate risk to the public created by a pursuit against the potential danger to the public should the suspect remain at large. Group members also considered the differences in population, infrastructure, coverage, and duties that would affect the pursuit policies of each of the hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the state.

After much consideration, the group came up with suggestions for best practices and recommended that each agency examine its current pursuit policy and draw at will from the group’s model.

The findings are contained in the provided 16-page special report by the Attorney General’s Advisory Group on Law Enforcement Vehicular Pursuits.


Final Report (PDF)

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