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Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) Program

The goal of the SAFE program is to bring uniformity to sexual assault evidence collection throughout Ohio. On average, SAFE reimburses over $3.5 million to medical facilities offering forensic medical examinations to children and adults.

SAFE provides for a comprehensive medical assessment related to the sexual trauma and forensic evidence collection of a victim of sexual assault for the purpose of gathering evidence for a possible prosecution. The program makes forensic exams available to all victims of sexual assault, regardless of ability to pay or report to law enforcement.

SAFE pays for the cost of a forensic examination and the antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent sexually transmitted infections. The program reimburses medical facilities directly in the hopes of reducing the burden of dealing with billing issues for survivors of sexual assault. The SAFE program does not reimburse health care providers directly. All services related to SAFE should be sought by the medical facility from the SAFE reimbursement.

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