Service Standards Self-Assessment
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Why complete the service standards self-assessment?

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and the Victim Services Committee of the AG’s Human Trafficking Commission are working to strengthen Ohio's response to human trafficking through its Ohio Human Trafficking Service Standards Self-Assessment.

This tool is designed to help organizations assess themselves and, if necessary, build their capacity to identify and serve trafficking survivors. The self-assessment should be completed by drop-in centers, peer-support services, hospitals, residential programs, victim advocacy/case management services, 24/7 response services, trauma-therapy services, legal services, and other service providers in Ohio.

The benefits of completing the self-assessment include:

  • Becoming familiar with Ohio’s Standards of Service for Trafficked Persons.
  • Doing your part to elevate the quality of services provided to human trafficking survivors.  
  • Being listed (if your organization/program meets the standards) in Ohio’s statewide human trafficking service matrix.

The Service Standards Self-Assessment is available for completion at any time, with results and feedback provided to agencies in August or February, based on the date of submission.

If your organization is aligned with the state standards, you will be notified via email and your organization will be added to the Human Trafficking Victim Services Directory.

Those that do not meet the standards at the time of assessment will also be notified via email and can access technical support from the commission’s Victim Services Committee to increase standards alignment. The committee also advises agencies looking for help or guidance in completing the self-assessment.

To schedule a consultation, please reach out to Rebekkah O’Bryan (  or Michelle Hannan (

If you have any other questions, please e-mail AG Yost’s Human Trafficking Initiative at