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Anti-human trafficking coalitions

Independent coalitions cover much of Ohio and provide human trafficking survivors with needed services, including shelter, counseling and legal help. Others focus on spreading awareness about human trafficking. Click on a section of the map to find details and contact information.

This information is periodically updated and was gathered with help from the Governor’s Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force. New coalitions should contact and (from the governor’s task force) to share details and find out how to be listed.

Also try: Service referral directory from Polaris

How to recognize human trafficking
Funding sources
HTI Trainings

The Human Trafficking Initiative offers multiple trainings, including virtually, to spread the word about the fight against human trafficking. Team members have presented the following programs to private companies, government agencies, law enforcement and prosecutors, student groups and others.

Human Trafficking 101

In this training program, HTI presenters break down what human trafficking is and how it happens.  Attendees also will learn:

  • How victims are affected and who is vulnerable.
  • Who traffickers are and how they operate.
  • How misconceptions make people believe human trafficking happens only to other people in other places. 
  • What red flags to watch out for.
  • How demand reduction can help.
  • What improvements are being considered for Ohio laws and what those laws say now.
  • How you can join the fight.

Advanced Human Trafficking Training

In this program, HTI presenters address:

  • What law enforcement and prosecutors need to know.
  • How experts are working with victims and survivors of human trafficking.
  • What barriers and services gaps exist.
  • How to identify human trafficking victims.
  • Why a multidisciplinary team is important.
  • What other factors complicate investigations and prosecutions of human trafficking cases.

To see whether a session could work for your group, email

HTI Webinars
The Human Trafficking Initiative proudly presents a webinar series to provide education and resources for combating and ending human trafficking.

Worn, Used and Consumed: The Consumer’s Responsibility To Demand Reduction
This workshop is intended for everyone — from corporate CEOs and family business owners to farmers and factory workers — who should know the responsibilities that consumers and businesses share to reduce the demand for human trafficking. Sara Leonard of Ohio State University’s Stress, Trauma and Resilience Program; Kimm Hrdlicka-Tigges, a noted proponent of human trafficking awareness; and Marshall Weil of YWCA Dayton discuss the basics of demand reduction and share accomplishments made in Ohio and the vital work still needed to eradicate human trafficking. The discussion wraps up with concrete steps every Ohioan can take to help.

Watch here: