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Some homeowners are being targeted by scammers promising loan modifications, lower interest rates, and foreclosure relief. In exchange for a fee, scam artists might promise to save your home from foreclosure. But if you do business with them, you risk losing your money and your home.

Don’t trust companies that:

  • Charge upfront fees
  • Promise help that sounds too good to be true
  • Promise you “special bailout funds” or hint they work for or are affiliated with the government
  • Use high-pressure tactics or say you must act now
  • Say they can help you regardless of your financial situation
  • Tell you not to call your lender or the court
  • Tell you not to make your mortgage payment
  • Promise an attorney will look over your loan, but won’t give you a name or phone number
  • Give you a lengthy agreement you must sign before they will help
  • Brag how they are faster than nonprofit counseling agencies

If you’re in foreclosure, don’t panic. Take charge of your situation by immediately following these steps:

  • Call your lender and ask for the loss mitigation department. Be honest about your situation.
  • Stay in your home. If you leave, you may lose some of your rights. Vacancy also can lead to vandalism, and you could be responsible for any damage.
  • Open your mail. Government and nonprofit agencies may send you information to help you keep your home.
  • Beware of scams. Companies are prohibited from charging up-front fees for foreclosure rescue services.
  • Contact your county common pleas court and ask for foreclosure mediation. If it’s available, the court will arrange a meeting with you and your lender to help save your home.