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Carol Gandelman  Unsolved homicide

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Carol Gandelman
  • Case number: 1945
  • Incident location: North Main Street @ Langston Middle School
    Oberlin, Ohio - Lorain County
  • Incident date: 9/17/1979
  • Homicide date: 9/22/1979
  • Date of birth: 6/20/1960
  • Gender: Female
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • Law enforcement agency: Oberlin Police Department


On September 17, 1979 at approximately 9:00pm, 19 year old Oberlin College student, Carol Gandelman was riding on a bicycle back to her Keep Cottage residence after picking up groceries at Gibson's Bakery. Gandelman was struck by a vehicle on North Main Street near Langston Middle School. She was severely injured and died five days later. Witnesses report the vehicle which struck Gandelman continued northbound on North Main Street before possibly turning eastbound on Walnut Street where sight of the vehicle was lost. The suspect vehicle was described by the witnesses as a large green American made car with square shaped lights. A witness who resided on North Main Street recalls hearing the crash followed by a loud, excited voice coming from the front of his residence stating "she just came out of nowhere, let's get the hell out of here". The witness further described the voice as that of a white male, teens to early 20s in age at the time of the incident. Officers thoroughly searched the area and the vehicle description was given out by media outlets but the suspect vehicle was never located. If you have any information, please contact Patrol Officer Wiley at the Oberlin Police Department by phone (440) 774-1061, or e-mail at bwiley@oberlinpd.com. All information will be strictly confidential.


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