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Frequently Asked Questions



Are you taking my federal taxes for this university bill?
Some federal student loans can be offset against federal tax refunds, but in general university debts are not subject to federal tax refund offsets.

Can any fees and interest be waived?
Generally we cannot waive student loan collection fees or interest.

Can I do a settlement?
Some universities will consider a good faith settlement offer on a case by case basis.

Can I still file the FAFSA with this outstanding debt?
You will not be eligible for further financial aid if you have federal student loans that are currently in default.

I never attended any college classes. Why do I owe this bill?
Each university has guidelines for timely withdrawal from classes. If you did not withdrawal timely or you received some other advance of funds, you will be required to repay a certain portion.

Is this debt eligible for a deferment?
Deferment of student debt is only eligible on applicable federal loans. Please refer to the packet of information you received from the university regarding repayment of the federal loan for guidelines on applying for deferment.