Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



How do I complain about the conditions in a nursing home or the care/treatment of my family member who is a resident?
The Ohio Department of Health investigates complaints against nursing homes as well as the employees who work in nursing homes. Complaints range from poor conditions of the facility to abuse, neglect and theft involving residents. Contact information is provided as follows:

Nursing Home Complaints

Ohio Department of Health
Attn: Nursing Homes/Facilities
246 North High Street, 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Telephone: (614) 752-9524
Fax: (614) 564-2450

Complaints against employees

Ohio Department of Health
Attn: Nurse Aide Registry
246 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Telephone: (800) 582-5908 (in-state) (614) 752-9500 (out-of-state)
Fax: (614) 564-2461