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National Consumer Protection Week


What consumers need to know to protect themselves and their wallets


‘Consumer Protection Up Close'

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office files dozens of consumer protection cases each year to protect all Ohioans and enforce laws enacted to keep them safe in the marketplace. In this occasional column, we examine a home-improvement lawsuit filed in November 2022.


Choice in tax preparer requires care

With tax season approaching, you may be considering hiring a tax preparer. Before you do, though, review this checklist.


Tips can help protect your online privacy

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office commemorated Data Privacy Week last month by educating Ohioans on how to maintain their privacy online. Check out these helpful tips.


Beware of romance scams this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a time to seek out that special someone, and con artists know it. “Sweetheart” scammers may spend countless hours chatting with a victim before requesting money for bogus reasons, such as airfare to visit.


Need help with immigration issues? Be wary of scammers posing as lawyers

Whether it’s “notarios” who pass themselves off as lawyers or other scammers, predators are always looking to take advantage of immigrants and their community.


AG Yost sues Dollar General and Family Dollar over deceptive pricing

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is taking Dollar General and Family Dollar to court for allegedly advertising goods for one price on shelves and charging a higher price at the register.


Tips to avoid scams when selling online

When selling products or services online – either through popular auction sites or online stores – scammers may be eager to respond. Learn how to spot a scammer so you don’t wind up losing money.


Smart tips to prepare for winter

As temperatures fall and energy rates rise, Ohioans may wonder how to keep heating costs low, including where to turn for assistance. Read more about making safe and smart choices when heating your home this winter.


How to handle scam text messages

Scammers are increasingly using text messages to imitate legitimate businesses to steal your personal and financial information. Learn how to spot signs of a scam text. 


Seven simple steps to be more secure in cyberspace

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Follow these seven steps to enhance your security when using online devices.


Parents and kids: Tips for safer social media and gaming

In this second Cybersecurity Awareness Month article, parents and their children can learn how to protect themselves while gaming and when using social media.


Attorney General Yost announces settlement with JUUL

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and 32 other attorneys general announced a proposed $438.5 million settlement with JUUL Labs stemming from a two-year multistate investigation into the e-cigarette manufacturer’s misguided marketing and sales practices.


Two simple actions can help ward off identity theft

Consumers can protect themselves against identity theft by taking two simple steps: freezing your credit with the three major credit bureaus and establishing an Identity Protection PIN with the Internal Revenue Service.


College students: Beware of rental scams when hunting for place to live

Also coinciding with back-to-school season, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office is cautioning students and their parents about apartment and home rental scams.


Consumer tips for sales-tax holiday, back-to-school shopping

As a new school year approaches, you can save some money by taking advantage of Ohio’s sales-tax holiday, which runs from Aug. 5 through Aug. 7.


AG Yost continues relentless pursuit of robocallers

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost’s Robocall Enforcement Unit took legal action against the perpetrators of a scheme responsible for bombarding U.S. consumers with billions of illegal robocalls. Read more about this recent lawsuit and other actions taken to protect consumers throughout the Buckeye State.


Beware of Cryptocurrency Scams

Learn more about cryptocurrency and how to avoid being scammed when using it as a payment method.


Consumer Protection Presentations and Videos Available to the Public

The Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section offers free presentations – in person or online – on topics ranging from cybersecurity to consumer scams.


Nobody Is Immune: All Generations Susceptible to Scams

Although older adults are most vulnerable to scams, the Gen-Z population and other younger generations are not immune. Read on to find out how scams are snaring younger consumers in increasing numbers.


Beware of Scam Artists During County and State Fair Season

Fairs are meant for fun, but keep your guard up for potential scams and fraud when visiting sales booths at upcoming state, county and independent fairs.


Social Media Scams Widespread Throughout Ohio and Nation

While many consumers have a presence on social media, some may not realize how widespread scams are on those sites. Read about these scams and how to prevent falling for them.


Watch Out for Home Improvement Scams

With temperatures rising, you may be starting new home improvement projects. In order to avoid being scammed, be sure to research any companies or contractors you plan to use prior to starting. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!


Learn About Ohio’s Consumer Protection Laws

Did you know that Ohio has more than 25 consumer protection laws? This article explores various laws that you may not even know exist in our state that are designed to protect you.


Attorney General Yost Warns of Travel Scams

Speaking of warmer weather, vacations peak in the spring and summer months too! Consumers should beware of travel scams when planning their next vacation. The best way to avoid scams is to start planning early.


Consumer Conferences

Please consider attending one of these upcoming conferences on elder financial exploitation in facility settings, or fraud investigations and prevention. Read on to learn more. 


Business Impersonation Scams Are on the Rise

Speaking of scams, some bad actors send out legitimate-looking emails and text messages that purport to be from popular companies. Learn how to spot the red flags to avoid falling victim to one of these all-too-common business impersonation scams.


Beware of Romance Scams This Valentine’s Day

Love may abound, but scammers do, too! Don’t get your heart broken by a fake love interest. Learn about the red flags of romance scams – also known as “sweetheart” scams – that infiltrate dating websites/apps, chat rooms and online message boards.

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