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Ohio’s Permitless Carry Law Goes into Effect Today: Here’s What You Should Know


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Ohio today became the 23rd state to allow citizens to carry a concealed handgun without a permit, and Attorney General Dave Yost said firearms training is more important now than ever.

"Just because you're not legally required to get training doesn't mean it's not a good idea," Yost said. "Using a firearm is not instinct, and watching TV shows is not training.  Ohioans should learn how to handle their firearms from a qualified instructor. A trained citizen is a safe citizen."

Yost noted that "constitutional carry" does not mean Ohioans can carry a concealed weapon everywhere. The laws limiting guns in certain places still apply.

"Not only do you need to know how to safely use a firearm, you need to know the law--about transport, self-defense and more," Yost said. The Attorney General published an updated manual reflecting the changes in the law on his website.

The updated manual reflects the two ways to legally carry a concealed handgun in Ohio. The law preserves the state’s existing concealed-carry licensing program which results in a photo-ID card but now allows Ohioans over the age of 21 the option of carrying without this permit.

The same laws, rules and prohibitions that apply to those with a permit also apply to Ohioans who choose to carry without a permit.

To learn more about Ohio’s concealed carry laws, and to find information about trainers, please visit

Video available of AG Yost's remarks regarding the new law upon request. To receive video, please email

Steve Irwin: 614-728-5417


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