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Charitable Law Workshops

Minding the Business While Changing the World: Legal Obligations of Charity Leaders - Charities strengthen our communities in countless ways and the volunteers associated with these groups are often passionate about the cause. Sometimes there is a lot less enthusiasm for paying attention to board governance, legal fiduciary obligations and reporting requirements. But charities ignore these important concepts at their own peril. If groups fail to take care of business properly, the entire organization and its critical programs can be jeopardized. This training will include a review of the basic requirements all charitable boards have and will provide easy-to-follow tips for board members who try to do their jobs responsibly in order to protect the organization and the beneficiaries of the group's efforts. (1 – 3 hours)

Charitable Fundraising: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Charities across the country struggle with challenging fundraising projections and may grapple with the need to consider new approaches to increase revenues. And sometimes, short-cuts may sound appealing. Don't be tempted. Your organization's fundraising strategies, if not pursued with care and attention, can risk your group's integrity and even create legal headaches. During this session, learn about tips for selecting and working with professional solicitors and fundraising counsel, legal requirements surrounding fundraising, data on professional solicitation and some of the horror stories of fundraising that jeopardize the public's level of trust in the nonprofit sector. (1 hour)

Charitable Registration: A Tool for Transparency - Ohio has had charitable registration requirements on the books since the 1950s. Most states in the union have some sort of charitable registration requirement. This workshop will review the various reporting requirements for charities operating in Ohio and discuss how the online charitable registration system works. Additionally, participants will learn about how the public and donors can use the information from the registration process to become wise donors. (1 hour)

Bingo School - Many charities use bingo as a tool for raising significant financial resources to support their programs. But bingo requires a license and significant recordkeeping procedures in order to ensure that bingo proceeds are protected by the charitable organization. Bingo School trainings are provided throughout the state.  Participants must register in advance online. The training covers some of the specific recordkeeping requirements and other issues important for board members of licensed organizations. Registrants should select whether they represent a 501(c)(3) organization or a veteran, fraternal or sporting organization because the recordkeeping provisions differ based on organization type. (3 hours)

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Being a Wise Donor - Unfortunately, some people are all too willing to take advantage of other people’s generosity. When you get a telephone solicitation asking for a gift to a charity, do you know what questions to ask? How can you tell if the request is for an accomplished organization or a scam? This seminar will cover some of the signs of a potential scam and sources of information that will enable donors to make wise and informed decisions about their limited charitable donations. (1 hour)

You Are Hereby Deputized - If the public loses faith in the integrity of nonprofits, the entire charitable sector is at risk. As charitable leaders, what responsibilities do we all have to protect, not just our own organizations, but the entire sector? Learn about some of the issues public policy makers are raising about charitable organizations and discuss strategies that can be developed aimed at protecting the public and the entire sector. (1 hour)

Anatomy of a Charitable Fraud - Unfortunately, some people are all too willing to take advantage of other people’s generosity and embezzle funds from charitable organizations. Fraudsters are often able to take advantage of cracks in internal control processes. This session, intended for fraud examiners or college classes, will outline the steps undertaken to uncover financial fraud within a charity under investigation by the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section. (1 – 2 hours)

Business and Charities: Tips For A Meaningful and Legal Relationship - As valued members of the community, business leaders and their companies are often contacted to support various charitable endeavors. This session will identify how businesses can limit the damage caused by charity scammers, identify potential problems, and address other issues that may arise when businesses engage with charities. (1 hour)

Board Governance Webinars - Board members play a critical role in protecting the integrity and resources of charitable organizations. This webinar will provide a basic overview of the legal responsibilities that board members of charities have. Registration for this webinar, which is held at noon on the first Wednesday of each month, can be found here: Non-Profit Board Governance Webinars. (1 hour)

Charitable Registration Webinars - This webinar will provide a basic overview of registration and filing requirements for Ohio's charitable organizations and those soliciting citizens of the state. The webinar will also discuss the online system used to facilitate those filings. Registration for this webinar, which is held at noon on the third Wednesday of each month, can be found here: Charitable Registration Webinars. (1 hour)