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“Military leave scam” targets military families, friends

Family members and friends of active-duty service members should beware of individuals who ask for money in exchange for granting military leave to their loved ones.

In one version of the scam, the letter received is from “General Robert Gate” explaining that their military member has been considered for leave, and that the consumer must immediately send $1,200 via wire transfer to a Fort Hood agent in Illinois to cover transit and related expenses.

The letter explains that if the family member or friend does not send the payment quickly, the leave approval will be revoked. In reality, the letter is a scam and any money sent will be lost.

The military will not ask family members or friends of deployed service members to provide payment in exchange for granting leave. Don’t believe letters or calls that say otherwise.

Signs of a “military leave scam” include:
  • Requests for payment in exchange for military leave
  • Names similar to well-known agencies or officials, such as “General Robert Gate” instead of former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
  • Claims of urgency (“Offer good today only”)
  • Requests for wire transfers
  • Grammatical errors in written communication
Beware of vehicles sold by a “military member”
In addition to the military leave scam, con artists may pose as members of the military and post a vehicle for sale on craigslist. They falsely state that they will be deployed soon and must sell the car quickly for a low cost usually far below the market value of the vehicle. Consumers send the money and do not receive the vehicle.

Report a scam to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at

Learn about the Attorney General’s services for military and veterans at


Report a scam - Ohio Attorney General’s Office
Learn about the Attorney General's services for military and veterans
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