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Hung up with Unwanted Telephone Calls? Read on…

Placing a landline or cell phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry can help reduce telemarketing calls, but it may not stop all unwanted calls. Here are some reasons why.

If you’ve signed up for the registry and still are getting unwanted calls, some of these calls may be from companies or organizations whose calls are exempt from the National Do Not Call Registry, including political, charitable, debt collection, and survey phone calls. In addition, companies with which you have an existing business relationship or that have your permission to call still may cause your phone to ring.

If you want to help limit these calls, ask the caller to put your number on the organization’s internal do-not-call list. Most legitimate organizations will have their own list.

If you receive an unwanted robocall, do not push any buttons – even to “talk to a representative” or “opt-out” – because that may only confirm to the caller that your phone number is valid and working. As a result, instead of getting fewer phone calls, you may actually receive even more.

If you receive multiple calls from the same telephone number, you may want to call your phone provider for details about any available call-blocking features. In addition, third-party services may help stop robocalls. For example, is a service that won the Federal Trade Commission’s 2013 Robocall Challenge to deter robocalls.

Another category of calls that may get through are those calls made by scam artists. The scammers aren’t willing to comply with the do-not-call law, or any other consumer protection laws for that matter. Don’t respond to these calls. You can report those calls as well as any sales calls that you believe violate the do-not-call law, either through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office or through the Federal Trade Commission at, or 888-382-1222.
In addition, consider sharing less personal information, such as your name or phone number, when you’re shopping or asked to sign up for a sweepstakes. Some companies may compile and sell your personal information to firms that may use this information to solicit you through the mail, email, or telephone. In some cases, your information may also end up in the hands of scammers. If a company requests such information, ask why the company needs it and how the company will protect it.
If you need more information about signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry, visit or call 888-382-1222 from the phone you wish to add to the nationwide list.
To report a scam, unfair business practice, or businesses not complying with the Do Not Call Registry contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office by visiting or call 800-282-0515.