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Media > Newsletters > Consumer Advocate > February 2012 > Trade Secret of a Scammer: Using Your Driver’s License

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Trade Secret of a Scammer: Using Your Driver’s License


Because your driver’s license is a key form of identification, it may be a ripe target for identity thieves.

For example, let’s say an identity thief steals your wallet, including your driver’s license. The thief then commits a crime, gets caught, and gives your personal information to law enforcement.

As a result, law enforcement issues a warrant for your arrest.

A few days later, you’re pulled over by a police car. The officer arrests you for the crime the identity thief committed.

This scenario may be a rare consequence of identity theft, but it’s still very important to protect yourself. Always guard your wallet, driver’s license, and other personal information.

Verify the most recent date a driver’s license was issued in your name through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles at Learn more about identity theft at