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Westerville PD Mobile ID Device Success Story

Westerville  PD, on 2/1/2012, officers were dispatched to a local pharmacy on a report of a fraudulent prescription.

A vehicle with four subjects arrived at the drive-thru lane of the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and then they were detained by the officers.

The front seat passenger was trying to hide his wallet that contained his ID under the seat.

An officer detained the subject and he was patted down. In the subject's wallet was found an AR ID that was worn and appeared to be a fake. The Social Security Number on the ID was run and the OH Bureau of Motor Vehicles picture did not match the subject.

The subject's fingerprints were scanned using a Mobile ID device. A hit was returned on the local/State AFIS and the FBI RISC. The want was for Parole Violation from AR. As a result of the RISC