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Smith Uses OHLEG and Ollesin to Catch Suspect


I was the first responder on a home invasion run involving a stabbing, at XXXXXXXX. On arrival I observed a female covered in blood, stating she had her apartment broken in to, and the suspect beat and stabbed her, then drove of in her car, a black Jeep, after taking money from her wallet. The listed Jeep had an Ohio license XXXXXXX. The actual location of the incident is XXXXXXXXXXX., which she fled from to get away from the suspect. She described the suspect as a large Male Black (6'-6'2" over 250 lbs.) wearing a tan coat.

I recognized the victim as being the victim of a previous burglary. I had talked with her in regard to that particular incident, and had done some follow-up. As a result of my follow up I developed a suspect that I believed may have done the previous burglary, and circulated this information to Patrol as a person of interest. This information was obtained by talking to residents who had recently seen this individual hanging around, joining in on outside parties, and was seen on the date of the first burglary, hanging around the point of entry. This individual had told residents his name was XXXXXX and his phone number was XXXXXXXX. He even had his picture taken with one of the residents while sitting outside one evening (I have a black and white printed image of this photo). To my knowledge, no charges were ever filed in that incident, and this suspect hasn't been seen hanging around the area lately. Through this info I found a XXXXXXXXX at XXXXXXXXX Ave. by the above phone number. I then looked in IDVUE and OHLEG/OLLEISN and found a XXXXX XXXXX in the system that had a last known address of XXXXXXX Ave. This individual looked very much like the person in the aforementioned photo. The suspect I developed after the first burglary was a XXXXXX XXXXXX male black 6'2" 292 lbs.(which coincidentally is close to the home invasion suspect description), CPD ID #XXXXXX.

In the aftermath of this most recent incident, and the coincidence of descriptions, I informed the responding Robbery detective of my earlier findings and suspicions in relation to a possible suspect. A line-up is forthcoming as a result of this information. I recently received a call from Officer Westfall car 12 B Co., that as a result of my information, he had checked out the area of XXXXXX Ave., and had located the above listed stolen vehicle from the incident, in an alley within a block of XXXXX. Investigation continues.