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Officer Keeton CPD

We received a report of a man carrying a rifle down the street who got into a vehicle and drove away. We located the vehicle and made contact with the man. The rifle was visible in his back seat, but was not loaded, and was being lawfully transported. The man had no warrants, was very polite, and did not look the part of a criminal.

Just as we were about to leave him, I discovered several prior arrests on his CCH listed on OHLEG. He had priors for multiple counts of Rape, Felonious Assault, Domestic Violence, Ethnic Intimidation as well as others. Upon learning this, we arrested him for Weapons Under Disability.

Prior to OHLEG, this would not have been found by an officer out on the street. Hope this helps, and that OHLEG will be around for some time to come.

Officer Keeton CPD