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OHLEG and Ollesin Success Story

Our officers were recently dispatched to the report of a female unconscious, lying face down in the snow. EMS responded and transported her to a local hospital. Several hours later we were notified that the hospital was still not able to identify her and that she had not regained consciousness. She was transferred to a trauma center a possible inner-cranial hemorrhage.

When we started investigating, we were notified by several people that the female was possibly Angela Anderson. We pulled Angela up on OHLEG and printed out a photograph of her. We took that photograph to the EMS personnel who were on the scene. They told me that the picture looked similar to the girl they treated, but they were not sure.

I then ran a CCH on her through OHLEG and it provided me with several tattoos that the female had on her body. The hospital was able to locate the tattoos and confirmed they were the same. We were finally able to positively identify her.