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About Fugitive Safe Surrender

Tens of thousands of fugitives are present in the state of Ohio. Many are wanted for violent crimes, non-violent felonies and misdemeanor infractions. It is law enforcement’s responsibility to apprehend these fugitives. These duties are among the most dangerous faced by authorities. Fugitive status creates a broad range of burdens and dangers for the fugitives themselves, their families and the community.

Fugitives often hide their identities, either to avoid detection or to further their criminal behavior. They live in constant fear of arrest, and out of the mainstream of their own communities.

They receive support through:

  1. Criminal activity, such as drugs, prostitution or theft;
  2. Work where they are paid “under the table” and have no health care or other benefits; or
  3. Family members.

For the thousands of fugitives across America who have no history of violence, Fugitive Safe Surrender offers a unique opportunity to take their first and most crucial step toward community re-entry.