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Many elderly Ohioans are isolated and thus more susceptible to scam artists and criminals. They may be trusting of others and often live alone or in long-term care facilities where they can be subjected to negligence or mistreatment. Thousands of Ohio seniors are victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation each year, and many of these crimes go unreported.

To confront this problem, Ohio law enforcement, community groups and seniors are partnering to better prevent and respond to elder abuse.

The Ohio Attorney General's office, in partnership with the Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association, Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, Ohio Crime Prevention Association, Ohio Department of Aging and National Association of TRIADs, Inc., supports efforts to create more TRIAD groups across the state. TRIAD partnerships are designed to help seniors learn of the scams and crimes that target them, increasing their communication with law enforcement and making them aware of community resources.

SALT (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) Councils are the working groups of TRIAD.

If you are interested in forming a TRIAD group in your community, call the Attorney General's office at 800-582-2877 or e-mail

Richard Stobbs, MSA, RASS
Law Enforcement Liaison, TRIAD Coordinator
Ohio Attorney General's Office Crime Victim Services Section