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How to Become a Foster Parent

To become a foster parent, complete the following steps: 
  1. Contact the agency for which you would like to serve as a foster parent.
  2. Complete the agency’s application process. Most agencies will conduct a home study, which could include:
  3. Personal interviews; home visits; a request for health records, financial statements, a personal statement, and character references; educational training; a search of the statewide automated child welfare information system; a safety audit; and a water test.
  4. Complete a background check. Prospective foster caregivers can request expedited processing of their background check from the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) by sending an email to (Expedited processing is available to prospective foster caregivers at no additional charge.)   
  5. Have a licensed medical professional fill out a medical statement for each member of your household. To print the statement, visit
  6. Arrange for a home safety inspection by a certified state fire safety inspector or the Ohio Fire Marshal’s office. To reach the fire marshal, visit
  7. Take part in a home study, performed by your licensing agency. 
  8. Complete preplacement training (a minimum of 36 hours). The training is offered by your licensing agency or through a regional training center. To find the closest training center, visit To find out more about training, visit