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Foster Family Duties

The goal of foster care is to fulfill the child’s physical, emotional, and social needs until the child can be reunited with family or placed for adoption. In doing so, it is necessary that a foster parent:
  • Encourage school attendance, monitor progress, and note special needs and accomplishments.
  • Provide appropriate clothing.
  • Attend to medical and dental needs.
  • Help the child through the grieving and adjustment process that accompanies such a transition.
  • Cooperate with visitation and assist the child in preparing to return home or be moved to another foster or adoptive home.
  • Maintain a “lifebook,” a record for the child of his or her time in foster care, including, for example, developmental milestones, photographs, and report cards.
  • Provide consistent, realistic discipline and guidance that is age appropriate and abide by the agency's policy on discipline.
  • Be part of a case review and meetings when asked, or attend court when needed.
  • Provide transportation to visitation, counseling, and other appointments.
  • Comply with state regulations and agency policies and procedures as outlined in the foster parent manual.
  • Provide recreational and enrichment activities that will provide the healthy development of children.