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Frequently Asked Questions



A donor has asked our charitable group for verification of registration. How do I provide that?
The new online charitable registration system has simplified that process. Instead of using the “Verification of Registration with the Ohio Attorney General” form, organizations and the public can find information about an organization’s compliance online at Consumers can search for specific organizations and find basic contact information and a notation about whether the group is properly registered. Additionally, organizations can monitor the to-do page in the online charitable registration system. If no tasks or activities are shown, the organization is current on its filings.

How can I check if my charity is properly registered?
Organization representatives can log into the online charitable registration system and view a to-do list which will list any filings or activities that are due for the organization. If there are no activities listed, the organization is current. Additionally, consumers can conduct searches for specific organizations, find basic contact information, and learn whether that organization is properly registered.