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Can I request a copy of a complaint filed with the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section?
Yes. Most complaints filed with the Charitable Law Section are public records. However, records about investigations of charities are not public record and are exempt from disclosure under Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 109.28. Any person can request public records by asking for them. The request can be made in any manner the requester chooses: by phone, in person, or in an e-mail or letter. (See ORC 149.43(B)(5).)

Does the Charitable Law Section enforce Ohio’s liquor laws?

No. Although the Charitable Law Section provides legal advice to the Ohio Liquor Control Commission, other state agencies – not the Ohio Attorney General’s Office – actually enforce state liquor laws.

Those entities are the Ohio Liquor Control Commission, Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Liquor Control and the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Investigative Unit.

How do I find information about Ohio casinos and the Casino Control Commission?
The Casino Control Commission can be reached toll free at 855-800-0058 or at

What does the Charitable Law Section in the Ohio Attorney General's office do?

The Charitable Law Section of the Ohio Attorney General's Office provides oversight of the charitable sector in an effort to ensure that donations and other resources of charities are used in an effective manner. The Section oversees the statutory requirements for charitable registration for Ohio charitable organizations and organizations that solicit Ohioans for resources. It registers professional solicitors and monitors campaigns underway in the state of Ohio. The Section is a necessary party in much litigation challenging wills where charitable gifts are made and reviews transactions involving nonprofit hospitals and other charitable organizations. Additionally, the Section licenses bingo and bingo distributors and wholesalers and ensures that bingo proceeds are properly accounted for. The Section also represents a number of state agencies, including the Ohio Liquor Control Commission, the Ohio Horseracing Commission and the Ohio Casino Commission.