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Charitable Transactions, Probate and Court Proceedings

Because of the Attorney General’s traditional responsibility to protect charitable assets, the Charitable Law Section is a party in many different types of court proceedings and transactions.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Court proceedings involving charitable gifts and trusts. Alterations and deviations from the original intent of the donor or mission of the charitable trust require the Attorney General’s involvement.
  • Proposed transactions involving the transfer of charitable assets of nonprofit health care entities or public benefit corporations and mergers or consolidations involving public benefit corporations. The Attorney General must be notified of such transactions and is required by law to review them. This ensures that fair value is given for any charitable assets transferred, that the parties involved have not breached any fiduciary duties and that the assets are being properly administered.
Attorneys with questions about any aspect of charitable transactions should contact the Charitable Law Section. These discussions are often helpful in making the process go smoothly for all parties.


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