David A. Oppenheimer

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David A. Oppenheimer

Senior Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Section

Office: 216-787-3030

David is a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Section. In that capacity, he represents the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) in prosecuting administrative and judicial complaints alleging discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. He has served as lead counsel in numerous administrative hearings and several court cases. David also defends the OCRC and its staff in various legal actions brought against the agency. In addition to his litigation responsibilities, David works closely with the OCRC’s staff during investigations, helping evaluate claims and determining whether those claims should be prosecuted by the OCRC.

David is a member of the public records task force, and takes the lead on reviewing and responding to public records requests made to the Civil Rights Section.

When David joined the Attorney General’s Office in 1994, he initially worked in the Chief Counsel’s Staff, representing the State of Ohio, various State officials, and the Ohio Elections Commission.